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Is Your Check Engine Light Keeping You Up At Night? Come to Hutto’s Most Trusted Mechanics & We’ll Set It Right!

You’ve found the BEST free check engine light code retrieval scan in Hutto Tx, near Pflugerville, Round Rock, Taylor and Austin, Texas.

With over 25 years knowledge, experience, and the best diagnostic technology available, visit the family owned and operated Labor Only Auto Repair shop for your FREE check engine light code scan inspection in Hutto, Tx by the most trusted ASE certified Master Mechanic engine diagnostics experts in Central Texas.

Whether it’s your check engine light or any problem with your vehicle, the honest, country mechanic tradition is alive and well at Labor Only Auto Repair.

We never try to upsell you for unneeded work.  Our customers are our neighbors and our friends. We value and honor your trust and we’ll diagnose your car or truck’s problems honestly, quickly, and at a great price!

Give us a call at 512-846-2275 and schedule your check engine light inspection today!

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Our 100% Free and Honest Check Engine Light Diagnostic Test Near You:

  • Your On-Board Diagnostic computer (OBD) stores fault codes, or OBD II / OBD2 check engine light trouble codes, that contain clues as to a problem or malfunction your car or truck may be having.
  • Sometimes these error codes don’t pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.
  • With a rock-solid reputation for honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service, our ASE Certified Expert Mechanics will tell you exactly what your OBD is reporting and how to proceed in the most affordable, reliable way.
  • If additional diagnostics are required, rest assured you will be treated with honesty, integrity, and respect for your budget.
  • We always give you the 100% honest answer, with never an up-sell for unneeded work – just expert, true diagnostics.
  • We’re fully accredited and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau of America. You can always trust us.
  • We’re located in Hutto, Tx, between Pflugerville and Round Rock, near north Austin.
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Local Check Engine Light Code Retrieval and Advanced Engine Diagnostics in Hutto, Tx near Pflugerville and Round Rock, Tx

Expert Engine Diagnostics You Can Always count on

Why should I take my vehicle to a real mechanic rather than just go to the auto parts store?

Our Check Engine Light Code Retrieval Service is 100% FREE.

Given that our service is free, wouldn’t you rather have an experience, certified mechanic examine your fault codes and determine what is actually wrong?

Most people cringe when their Check Engine Light appears on their dashboard. Afraid of falling down a rabbit hole of escalating expenses, many folks may leave their check engine light unresolved longer than they need to for fear of the worst.

Buying and replacing auto parts on your own in a ‘process of elimination’ can quickly devolve into an expensive game of Whack-a-Mole wherein you replace a part because the person at the auto parts counter told you that was the problem – only to find the problem was misdiagnosed or that brand new problems have been created.

At Labor Only Auto Repair in Hutto, Tx, we believe your Check Engine Light / Service Engine Soon Light should not make a cash register ‘Cha-Ching’ sound when it lights up.

Don’t be taken on an expensive wild goose chase trying repair after repair to determine what’s wrong. Bring your car or truck to the diagnostics experts at Labor Only Auto Repair!

advanced engine diagnostics at a great price

Our master mechanics are ASE certified and 100% trusted by the Greater Hutto, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown & North Austin Area

  • We are BBB A+ Rated and Fully Accredited, with thousands of long-time customers coming back after all these years, and new customers coming in every week.
  • We will tell you honestly like it is, and if deeper, more involved diagnostic work is needed, you’ll love our work and the great price.
  • Give us a call at 512-846-2275 and schedule your visit today!

Free check engine light inspection near me in Pflugerville, Round Rock and Hutto, Tx

We are Hutto’s #1 Family Owned and Operated Top Automotive Diagnostics and Repair Shop

Trust Labor Only Auto Repair to thoroughly inspect your on board diagnostics computer system and tell you honestly if there’s a problem or not, and if there is a problem, we’ll explain exactly how to fix it at the best price.

Don’t wait for your check engine light problems to get worse.

Give us a call at 512-846-2275 or visit our website to Schedule your appointment with us right away!

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  • OBD2 Fault Code Retrieval Service for On Board Diagnostic System Trouble Codes
  • We retrieve all outstanding error codes from your car or truck computer and assess the root cause of any issues your automobile is having.
  • If the fault codes do not provide information specific enough to identify the precise cause of the problem, reasonable diagnostic charges may apply if we have to do a lot of work to determine what is wrong.
  • We also pull any error codes for you anti-lock braking system (ABS), tire pressure monitoring system (TPM), electronic parking brake monitoring system (EPB), Airbag / Safety Restraint System (SRS), as well as Smart Brake Support / Smart City Brake Support System (SBS/SCBS) for vehicles equipped with this technology
  • Upon your request, we also offer complementary A/C System Check and braking system check.
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  • Gas cap is loose, damaged, or missing
  • Oxygen sensor / 02 sensor needs to be replaced
  • Catalytic converter is damaged 
  • Oil level or oil pressure is low
  • Oil change may be due
  • Bad ignition coil
  • Worn spark plugs or spark plug wires
  • EVAP purge control valve problem
  • Thermostat needs replacing
  • Bad mass airflow sensor
  • Non-compatible, after-market car alarm
  • Bad Exhaust Gas Recirculation (ERG) valve
  • Battery charging system problem
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  • Check Engine Light / Service Engine Soon light is flashing.

    A flashing light means a sensor has detected a very serious and potentially dangerous problem and you should pull over immediately.

  • Smoke is coming out of your vehicle or from under the hood.
  • You recently had work done on your vehicle that may have been done improperly.
  • Burning or chemical smell coming from your vehicle.
  • You notice fluid or liquid where your car or truck has been parked.
  • You notice an electrical smell or other lights flashing on your dash board.

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So Glad I Came Here!

So glad I came here! After getting a quote for almost $400 to replace something I was told was broken I decided to get a second opinion and brought my car to Labor Only. They found that I was only missing a bolt! So in no time the bolt was replaced, I was only out $62, and out the door in no time!! This will now be my go to place for auto repairs! Thank you Labor Only!!!

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Catherine Baker

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