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Your Family’s Hybrid & EV Repair Specialists

The BEST hybrid and electric vehicle repair near Pflugerville, Round Rock, Taylor and Austin is HERE in Hutto, Texas!

Visit the family owned & operated Labor Only Auto Repair for the most-trusted hybrid & EV experts in Central Texas.

At Labor Only Auto Repair, you’ll receive the high-quality parts and service you’d expect from the dealer, but without the astronomical prices the dealers charge.

We never upsell you for unneeded work. In fact, if your vehicle is covered by your extended warranty, we communicate and work with your extended warranty company so you don’t have to!

Our customers are our neighbors and our friends. We value and honor your trust and we’ll fix your automobile repair problems honestly, quickly, and at a great price!

Give us a call at 512-846-2275 and schedule your appointment today!

Your Experts for Everything from Standard Vehicle Maintenance to Specialized Hybrid & EV Repairs:

  • Diagnostic Testing, Repairs and Preventative Maintenance for All Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems
  • Advanced High Voltage Systems Services
  • Battery Cooling Inspection and System Repair
  • Regenerative Braking System Repair
  • Everyday Vehicle Repairs & Services: Wheel Alignments, A/C System Repair, Brake Inspections
  • We are BBB A+ Rated and Fully Accredited
  • Certified hybrid and EV technicians
best hybrid electric auto repair shop near me in hutto tx

Local Hybrid & EV Repair in Hutto, Tx near Pflugerville and Round Rock, Tx 

Hybrid & EV Repair Experts

Labor Only Auto Repair is here to keep your hybrid or electric vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

Our certified technicians specialize in the highly advanced repairs that hybrid and electric vehicles require, such as electric drivetrain components, regenerative braking systems, and battery charging systems, and we only use premium parts.


Our technicians are certified and trained to tackle the unique needs and challenges of hybrid and electric vehicle repair and maintenance.

  • Just bought a used hybrid or electric vehicle and need expert service to ensure all systems are running correctly and efficiently?
  • Our #1 Top Most Trusted Hybrid (HEV), Electric Vehicle (EV), and Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PHEV) technicians in nearby Hutto, Tx will tell you honestly like it is and fix any problems you may have at a great price.

BBB A+ Rated

Affordable hybrid and EV repairs nearby Austin, Round Rock, TX, Pflugerville and Georgetown, TX

  • Labor Only Auto Repair has the training, tools, and experts to service virtually every component in hybrid and electric vehicles, along with traditional vehicle systems.
  • We also provide advanced/high voltage services for electric and hybrid vehicles, and we only use premium parts.

Carfax top-rated service center

We are honored to be awarded Top-Rated Service Center by CARFAX

  • Based upon verified customer ratings and reviews
  • If your hybrid or electric vehicle needs any service or repair work, you’ll love our service, repair work, and great price!
  • Give us a call today at 512-846-2275 and schedule your visit today!

Local Hybrid & EV Repairs  near me in Hutto, Tx

We are Hutto’s #1 Family Owned and Operated Top Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Repair Shop

Trust Labor Only Auto Repair to thoroughly inspect your hybrid or electric vehicle and tell you honestly if there’s a problem or not

And if there is a problem, we’ll explain exactly how to fix it at the best price

Don’t wait for your vehicle problems to get worse. Give us a call at 512-846-2275 or visit our website to Schedule your appointment with us right away!

hybrid electric battery range repair near me in hutto tx


  • A drop in your miles-per-gallon may indicate a weakening hybrid battery or inefficient battery charging.
  • Fluctuations in the reported state of your battery charge, meaning your battery could be overcharging or is unable to hold a charge.
  • Increased use of your hybrid vehicle’s internal combustion engine at unexpected times.
  • Decreased battery charge, where your reported charge diminishes  over short periods of time even during times when your vehicle is parked and off.
  • Strange engine noises could indicate your battery is running too hot.
hybrid electric battery repair near me in hutto tx


  • High voltage batteries may be air cooled, liquid cooled, or refrigerant cooled. Each method involves unique diagnostics and repair techniques.
  • Our shop has the electrical infrastructure and high voltage charging systems that are required to diagnose and service the most challenging hybrid and EV charging system problems.
  • We perform high voltage systems isolation faults using an insulation tester for hyper-accurate readings.
  • Our technicians are specially trained to service hybrid and electric vehicles properly using the most advanced diagnostic equipment and software.
regenerative brake repair near me in taylor tx


  • Without the noise of the internal combustion engine, noises from the brake system are a common complaint. Our experts are trained in isolating and alleviating noise caused by improperly functioning hybrid and EV braking systems.
  • Vehicles with regenerative brakes typically use traditional friction braking systems less frequently, which can lead to rusting and disuse issues.
  • Many vehicle manufacturers recommend that brake pads, rotors, brake fluid, and other components should be inspected and lubricated regularly to ensure your vehicle’s safe operation.
hybrid car transmission repair near me in pflugerville tx


  • Hybrid vehicle transmission systems vary significantly in the technology and components from manufacturer to manufacturer, and from model to model.
  • Continuously variable transmissions, dual clutch transmissions, sequential shift transmissions, hybrid non-HV and HV transmissions, and fully computer controlled 8, 9, and 10 speed FWD and RWD transmissions are all examples, and each require specific fluids, parts and repair methodologies.
  • Incorrect coolant usage within motor-generator cooling systems can result in oxidation of the transmission’s aluminum case, requiring transmission replacement.
  • Our technicians are trained to service hybrid, mild-hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles of all makes and models.
hybrid electric vehicle display repair near me in hutto tx


  • Digital dashboard screens, navigation or infotainment touch screen systems, and separate display screens for your backup camera and other features can have problems that require repair or replacement.
  • Touch screens can crack and break from excessive summer heat, or even just jumping over a speed bump or pothole too roughly.
  • We use OEM parts and have more hybrid training and experience than any other shop in the area.
  • Have an active manufacturer warranty or extended warranty? We will work with the warranty company to resolve payment for your dashboard and display screen repair or replacement so you don’t have to!
best hybrid electric repairs and maintenance near austin tx


  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Extended warranty/vehicle service contract work
  • A/C diagnostics, tune up, repair & replacement
  • Wheel alignment, tire rotation, balancing & power steering
  • Drivetrain & suspension repairs, shock absorbers, struts, arms, bars, linkages, springs, bushings & joints
  • Check engine light & computer diagnostics, alternators, lights, windows, blinkers & everything electrical
  • Give us a call at 512-846-2275

Reviews, Ratings & Testimonials

What People think of us

If something comes up again with my vehicle, Labor Only Auto Repair is who I will be using.

My experience with Labor Only Auto Repair was a very positive one! I know nothing about cars, so I’m always very wary when it comes to auto repairs. The best thing about the gentlemen at Labor Only is that they took the time to listen to me, from my initial phone call all the way to the completion of my repairs. My front A/C had been making a lot of noise and was now turning off at high fan speed.

Labor Only did a free estimate to determine the problem and gave me a very detailed estimate of the cost. Their prices for parts and labor are very reasonable and affordable. Another local business wanted to charge me $150 before even beginning to diagnose the problems with my a/c. I called Labor Only Auto Repair back as soon as I left the other place. The part was local, so I was able to get it all taken care of in the same day.

My a/c works again, and I am now ready for the summer heat. Labor Only Auto Repair is family owned and operated. Everyone I spoke with was very polite and hospitable. If something comes up again with my vehicle, Labor Only Auto Repair is who I will be using. I highly recommend this Hutto business! Thank you, Labor Only!

cheap auto repair near me in hutto tx

Lara Espinoza

Labor Only Auto Repair
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