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Where’s the BEST free brake check near Pflugerville, Round Rock, Taylor and Austin, Texas?

Visit the Family Owned & Operated Labor Only Auto Repair shop for the most-trusted brake repair experts in Central Texas for your FREE brake inspection in Hutto, Tx.

The honest, country mechanic tradition is alive and well at Labor Only Auto Repair in Hutto just next door to Pflugerville and Round Rock, Tx.

We never upsell you for unneeded work.  Our customers are our neighbors and our friends. We value and honor your trust and we’ll fix your automobile repair problems honestly, quickly, and at a great price!

Give us a call at 512-846-2275 and schedule your brake inspection today!

Our 100% Complete and Honest Free Brake Check Inspection near you in Hutto, Tx:

  • We check your entire braking system, all the way from the brake pedal down to the brake pads
  • We check every line, spring, caliper, hose and every brake system component in-between
  • We check your brake fluid for contamination and proper level
  • We check for ABS light, brake system warnings, and anti lock braking system errors stored in your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics computer
  • We always give you the 100% honest answer, with never an upsell for unneeded work – just a complete, thorough, expert, honest and FREE brake check inspection in Hutto, Tx
  • We’re in Hutto, Tx right next door to Pflugerville, Tx and Round Rock, Tx and just north of Austin
  • We are BBB A+ Rated and Fully Accredited
  • ASE Certified Brake Repair Mechanics, 25+ Years Experience
free brake repair inspection me in pflugerville tx at Labor Only Auto Repair Shop in Hutto, Tx

Local Brake Repair, Brake Service and Brake Inspections in Hutto, Tx near Pflugerville and Round Rock, Tx 

Free Brake Check / Brake Inspection

Our Hutto, Tx Brake Service Starts with a Free Brake Inspection

  • Brakes grinding, squealing, or making that metal on metal sound? Having to push harder on the brake pedal to come to a stop?
  • We’ll inspect your entire braking system and tell you honestly if there is actually a problem.
  • And if there IS a problem with your brakes, we’ll tell you exactly what needs to be fixed and we’ll offer you a great price with the best warranty around.

ASE Certified 

Expert Brake Repairs next to Pflugerville, Tx by ASE Certified Expert Brake Mechanics

  • Does your car pull to one side when you apply the brakes?
  • Just bought a used vehicle and need expert brake service?
  • Our #1 Top Most Trusted Brake Mechanics in nearby Hutto, Tx will tell you honestly like it is and fix any brake problems you may have at a great price.

BBB A+ Rated

Affordable brake job and brake repairs, plus FREE brake check nearby Austin, Round Rock, TX, Pflugerville and Georgetown, TX

  • Have your brakes lost their pep and boy do they ever seem to be getting worse?
  • Schedule your free brake check now at Labor Only Auto Repair in Hutto.
  • We will fix your car’s brake problems, and get your vehicle back on the road quickly and at a great price and outstanding warranty.

Brake Repairs Great Price

Providing Expert 100% Trusted Brake Checks and Brake Repair Services to the Greater Hutto, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown & Austin Area

  • Thousands of customers keep coming back after all these years.
  • If any brake service or repair work is needed, you’ll love our brake service, brake repair work and great price.
  • Give us a call today at 512-846-2275 and schedule your visit today!

Local Brake Repairs and Free brake check near me in Pflugerville, Tx

We are Hutto’s #1 Family Owned and Operated Top Brake Repair Shop

Trust Labor Only Auto Repair to thoroughly inspect your braking system and tell you honestly if there’s a problem or not

And if there is a problem, we’ll explain exactly how to fix it at the best price

Don’t wait for your brake problems to get worse. Give us a call at 512-846-2275 or visit our website to Schedule your appointment with us right away!

free brake check in hutto, tx garage at labor only auto repair shop near pflugerville


  • We inspect your entire braking system including:
  • Front and rear brake pads and shoes for wear and deterioration
  • Brake rotors, brake drums, brake calipers and springs for wear and damage
  • Brake lights, dashboard warning lights, and your OBD on-board diagnostics computer for any error codes or warnings
  • We perform a free brake fluid test to check for contamination, depletion and excessive moisture buildup
  • We inspect your emergency brake / parking brake for proper function and adjustment
  • We also check your undercarriage and inspect your seals for wear and leakage
brake diagnostics near round rock tx in hutto tx garage of labor only auto repair


  • We work on most makes and models of car and truck braking systems
  • Never an upsell. We just get the job done right at an honest price
  • We will check your brake fluid for moisture content, viscosity, and condition.
  • You can always trust we will give you the honest answer as to whether or not your braking fluid needs to be replaced, or how much longer you can wait
  • Affordable rates for automobile brake diagnostics near you in Hutto, Tx
  • Experts in complete automotive brake system diagnostics and repair with 25+ years experience
  • BBB A+ Ranking, Fully Accredited and ASE Certified
brake fluid flush in hutto, tx labor only auto repair near pflugerville


  • Hydraulic brake fluid is one of the most important fluids in your car and transmits the force exerted by the driver on the brake pedal, onto the braking mechanisms
  • Brake fluid is hygroscopic and absorbs water vapor from the air over time
  • Leaks in your braking system cause your brake fluid level to drop, allowing humid moist air to enter the braking system
  • If too much water builds up and contaminates the brake fluid, that water can come to a boil and vaporize when your braking system heats up, degrading the ability of your brakes to work properly
  • Your brakes get hot during long down-hill stretches, or if you pull a heavy trailer, or during heavy stop-and-go traffic
brake fluid leak in Hutto, Tx at Labor Only Auto Repair near Round Rock, tx


  • Is brake fluid toxic? Yes! Like antifreeze, brake fluid may taste sweet can be attractive to kids and pets
  • Leaking brake systems should be inspected as soon as you see there might be a leak on your garage floor, parking space, or driveway
  • If your brake fluid is low, there is probably a leak. Finding and repairing any leaks keeps air, moisture and contamination out of your braking system
  • Depleted, contaminated brake fluid can cause damage to the internal components of your braking system and can even make your vehicle unsafe to drive
  • Internal corrosion in the brake lines, calipers, master cylinder and other components is easy to prevent by getting your brake system inspected and serviced regularly at a reputable brake repair shop
brake pads and brake shoes at Labor Only Auto Repair in Hutto, Tx nearby Pflugerville


  • Brake pads or brake shoes may be worn, damaged or improperly installed
  • Rotors or drums may be damaged, rusty or worn
  • Hydraulic brake fluid lines, hoses or connections may be worn, cracked or damaged and leaking
  • Air or moisture may be entrapped in hydraulic brake fluid lines causing spongy, irresponsive braking
  • Prior brake job or brake repairs may have been done improperly or imcompletely
  • If moisture in your brake fluid comes to a boil during heavy braking, vapor bubbles form in your brake fluid, resulting in an inability to brake
abs light anti lock braking system hutto tx labor only auto repair


  • Brake Warning Light or ABS anti lock braking system dashboard lights are illumunated.
  • Warning lights may indicate your brake fluid level is low, which may be caused by leaks in your brake lines or failing connections that can allow contamination into the hydraulic braking system.
  • Grinding or high-pitched squealing or squeaking sound when applying brakes or that metal on metal sound that tells you something is definitiely wrong
  • Vibration, scraping or thumping when applying pressure to the brake
  • Burning or chemical smell after stopping the car following a period of braking
  • Signs of brake fluid leaking on the pavement after the vehicle has been parked

Reviews, Ratings & Testimonials

What People think of us

If something comes up again with my vehicle, Labor Only Auto Repair is who I will be using.

My experience with Labor Only Auto Repair was a very positive one! I know nothing about cars, so I’m always very wary when it comes to auto repairs. The best thing about the gentlemen at Labor Only is that they took the time to listen to me, from my initial phone call all the way to the completion of my repairs. My front A/C had been making a lot of noise and was now turning off at high fan speed.

Labor Only did a free estimate to determine the problem and gave me a very detailed estimate of the cost. Their prices for parts and labor are very reasonable and affordable. Another local business wanted to charge me $150 before even beginning to diagnose the problems with my a/c. I called Labor Only Auto Repair back as soon as I left the other place. The part was local, so I was able to get it all taken care of in the same day.

My a/c works again, and I am now ready for the summer heat. Labor Only Auto Repair is family owned and operated. Everyone I spoke with was very polite and hospitable. If something comes up again with my vehicle, Labor Only Auto Repair is who I will be using. I highly recommend this Hutto business! Thank you, Labor Only!

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Lara Espinoza

Labor Only Auto Repair
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